The good and the bad !

You may have heard. HR people love policies.

Anything you ask them. Oh you need a policy for that.

You may also have heard that policies are frequently not used and sometimes not even read, not even by HR people themselves. 

A policy can help an employer defend cases in court, maybe even prevent them happening in the first place, so you should have one, right ? For everything.

Policies are brilliant if used properly. Problem being that most of the time they are not. 

They are built up like a collection, the companies own little library, with no one really looking at them much, until something happens.

Employers, if you do not adhere to your own policy, that can be used against you in court. This often happens. 

Similar, if you do a Health and Safety risk assessment and do not follow your own recommendations.

Am not saying not to do policies. Am saying to do them properly and use them properly in the workplace.
If you need some assistance for this, that's what we're here for.