Menopause-me too ?

Let's go down to the pub lads. Have a few drinks and chat about our menopause.


Sounds ridiculous 🙄 You might want to stop laughing, especially if you are an employer.

More and more cases are coming to court and being won for menopause issues in the workplace. Mainly under employment equality legislation and unfair dismissal. 

All of them by women. Naturally, right.

As more and more women win this right, to have menopause recognised in the workplace, don't be surprised if a few male menopause cases start cropping up.

Yes. Apparently, there is a male menopause. But whether you believe that or not does not really matter. Any deterioration in health can end up being classed as a disability. In this case then, whatever you actually call it, largely becomes irrelevant.

It has taken a while for women to come forward and chat with menopause to their employer. Not easy, as it's so personal. Naturally, men that want to be macho are not looking to follow on this one too quick. But, I have no doubt, it eventually will happen. 

Could have already ? Maybe, but so far, any menopause cases I have come across are female. I have not yet found any male ones.

It is not currently a legal requirement for businesses to have a menopause policy in the workplace. For male or female.